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Business Service

A struggle for a lot of businesses is keeping track of their employees certificates and tickets. Expired certifications can cost your business thousands in lost time and wages!

Our free service will:

  • send notifications to the designated person(s) of your choice about upcoming expirations

  • send reports about employee certificate status as frequently as you choose

  • help you navigate the what courses you need for employees based on their current certificate status

  • assist you in booking the appropriate course in timely fashion - saving you time and money

  • help you efficiently book groups to maximize your training dollars

Our early notification system and booking assistance will ensure you have ample time to conveniently schedule your staff!

Booking your team when they have an active certificate, such as first aid, will allow them to complete a renewal course rather than having to retake the entire course. This is less money and half the time! 

But...remember, they don't qualify for a renewal course unless they still have an active certificate. We will make sure your team qualifies and help you book them into the proper renewal courses!

Let’s Work Together

Reach out and let us worry about it!

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