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Emergency Subscription

Supply, tracking and monitoring of usage and expirations of your emergency medications.

Automatic restock of all expired medications in your purchased kit. This includes replacement of expired EpiPens.

Access to our Emergency Actions Cards that are updated regularly to keep your clinic current.


Replacement, updating and monitoring of the required emergency equipment in your Kit.

Sign Up for Worry Free Setup, Monitoring and Maintenance of your Emergency System and Required Training.

Complete Emergency Management

Non Sedation Clinic

Sedation Clinic

Inside Your Bag


Your bag will provide a safe and convenient way to store all your CDSA emergency medications and supplies. 


There are 5 Response Kits:

  • Anaphylaxis

  • Breathing Problems

  • Allergies

  • Chest Pain

  • Diabetic


Your Response Kits has the medications and an action card to treat the specific emergency labeled on the kit

Subscription Services

Physiotherapists Training

We will train your team on responding with the contents of your Kit using practice equipment. If you offer sedation services, we will use this opportunity to document your annual mock drill for your records.

Train Your Team

We will monitor the expiration of your kit contents and automatically replace expired medications and supplies

Manage Drug Expiry

Drug and Syringe

Renew BLS Annually


Included in your subscription is a yearly update for your teams BLS. No more hassle of finding and booking a trainer

Emergency Response Cards


We will provide your clinic our custom emergency response cards that will help guide your clinic step by step through the most common dental clinic emergencies. These cards are updated annually as required to keep them current with medical best practice.

Tablet with the text Anaphylaxis the display.jpg

We will guide your team through the college required semi annual mock drills, and provide the required documentation to record them

Mock Drills
Sedation Clinics

Required Documentation


We will provide your clinic a custom binder with the required checklists and emergency response plans to meet college guidelines. We will monitor to ensure they are up to date and complete for your protection.

Woman Doctor

We will assist in training new staff and provide post incident reviews. We will also assist with post incident documentation. Contact us at any time for support.

24/7 Support

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